Disconnected Electricity Disorder (DED) is something we all suffer with when Eskom implements loadshedding. However, in the DEDstress, an upcoming South African-based video game, this disorder gets deadly. The game follows the story of Daniel Vleisman who is diagnosed with DED after being traumatized by constant power outages. Daniel is admitted to Slashbin Clinic where all sorts of strange things start happening to him. Daniel must use stealth and speed to escape the institution before he loses his mind completely.

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While DEDstress does not look like any Game of the Year contender, it has clearly been developed with a keen sense of South African humour. The game is described as an “absurd, high-intensity, survival-horror”, made by an indie team of two brothers. “The game’s stressful conditions will put your memory and wits to the test.”

There’s a lot to appreciate in the trailer as DEDstress reveals the South African humour we all know and love. Braais, Awe Jannie and more loadshedding.

The gameplay trailer gives me an Outlast vibe as the player sneaks through Slashbin Clinic, solves puzzles and avoids insane and deadly patients. The game is based on the 3-day game jam DIDstress and will include a main campaign that lasts three to five hours. In addition, DEDstress also includes a fast-paced infinite arcade mode.

DEDstress is set to launch on 20 August 2020 on Steam and you can wishlist it here. Make sure to show the developers some love and watch the trailer down below. You can also find out more about this South African video game on the official site. In addition, follow them on Twitter.

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