Deep Learning Super Sampling Unleashed With Latest NVIDIA Driver
Deep Learning Super Sampling
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With the GeForce RTX range of GPUs, NVIDIA has two big features for PC gaming enthusiasts. One is ray-tracing and the other Deep Learning Super Sampling. NVIDIA has made some big promises for the Deep Learning Super Sampling feature using an RTX graphics card, claiming an “enormous leap in performance”. Now, the time has come as in the latest Game Ready 417.35 WHQL Driver, the feature has been enabled.

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PC gamers with RTX GPUs have been waiting for games with Deep Learning Super Sampling support to arrive and now, they can finally test it out after downloading the latest Game Ready drivers here or via the GeForce Experience app. At the moment, Deep Learning Super Sampling is still in somewhat of a beta phase, but you can test it out in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition and check out the performance leap for yourself. NVIDIA notes that gamers with an RTX 2080 Ti will be able to achieve 60 FPS at 4K with max quality settings with the Deep Learning Super Sampling Enabled.

NVIDIA has provided some instructions, which you can read below:

To enable DLSS, download the Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition update once available on Steam, open the in-game options menu, set your resolution to 3840×2160 (4K) and enable DLSS under Graphics > Anti-aliasing setting. Then let us know your feedback on the first DLSS beta so we can continue to train and refine the performance and image quality of the deep learning network via future Nvidia software updates.

Enabling Deep Learning Super Sampling could provide a massive performance jump and NVIDIA has showcased this in a new video which you can view below.

What do you think about the performance boost and does this make you want to go out and throw your wallet at an RTX range Geforce card? Let us know in the comment section below.

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