Deep Rock Galactic Season 2: Rival Escalation

Deep Rock Galactic Season 2 Adds New Weapons, Enemies and More Soon

Ghost Ship Games is cooking up a new season of Deep Rock Galactic for players. Deep Rock Galactic Season 2: Rival Escalation brings with it some new content including themed levels, enemies and even new secondary weapons for the entire cast.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 2: Rival Escalation kicks off on 28 April for PC and 5 May for PlayStation and Xbox. It comes with a whole new free Performance Pass to progress through while unlocking new cosmetics for your miners. It also overhauls the cosmetic system in the game and brings some new quality of life changes.

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Ghost Ship Games says that just like Season 1, the new season will allow players to play any mission and activity and earn ranks for the Performance Pass. The new special event on Hoxxes IV offers a new activity to enjoy while you’re at it too.

Those of you who never got around to finishing Season 1 will also be able to still unlock items from the first Performance Pass if they want to.

The big new content in Deep Rock Galactic Season 2: Rival Escalation takes place on Hoxxes IV as players will continue to fight against Rival Communications and the deadly robots thrown at them. To stop them in the Rival Signal season event, players have to race against the clock and oncoming bullets, interrupting the operations of the Rival Communications Router, obtaining the data cell within the router and shutting it down before it combusts.

There are also new secondary weapons for each class. Gunners can employ the Armskore Coil Gun. Engineers have the incinerating Shard Diffractor. Scouts are able to switch up between a wide selection of customised bolts with the Nishanka Boltshark X-80. Lastly, Drillers can bring the heat by harnessing the power of the Colette Wave Cooker. Each new weapon also packs its own upgrade tree.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 2: Rival Escalation will be available for free across all platforms. PC players can jump in on 28 April with PlayStation and Xbox players following on 5 May. Check out the detailed trailer showcasing the new content below.

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