Destiny 2: Beyond Light Post-Launch Roadmap Revealed
"The Deep Stone Crypt raid arrives on 21 November 2020.

Amid all the madness of November with the Xbox Series X and PS5 launching, not to mention all the games (not you Cyberpunk 2077), Bungie is also releasing its new Destiny 2 expansion “Beyond Light”. The developer recently shared what players can look forward to when the DLC arrives on 10 November. In addition, they highlighted the post-launch roadmap and what is free and not free to existing players.


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Along with the new location called Europa, players can explore a refreshed Cosmodrome which returns from the first games. There are also three new Darkness classes coming and a new Stasis damage type. At launch, Bungie will kick off the Season of the Hunt which will run until February 2021. This season includes the Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign, the new subclasses, stasis element and quest for Salvation’s Grip Exotic grenade launcher. In addition, players can explore Europa and the new version of the Cosmodrome. These areas will come with a new Strike, Lost Sectors and lots of seasonal gear.

On 17 November, Bungie will release the seasonal mission for Season of the Hunt in Destiny 2 followed by the Deep Stone Crypt raid on November 21. Iron Banner will follow on 8 December and The Dawning on 15 December.

When it comes to the new subclasses, Bungie shared how players are now able to customize them even more. Now, you can apply Aspects and Fragments to your character. Aspects are mods that tweak your abilities. For example, Iceflare Bolts grant players a small amount of grenade energy and spawns seekers that track and freeze nearby targets. Fragments provide bonuses to certain weapon damage. For example, Whisper of Hedron provides a bonus to weapon damage after freezing a target with stasis. However, there’s often a negative effect on each fragment too such as a -10 to strength stat.

We already know Bungie plan to roll out the PS5 and Xbox Series X enhancement update on 10 December 2020. There’s a good chance that will be delayed but we are holding thumbs. Take a look a look at the full roadmap down below if you are interested to see what is coming to Destiny 2: Beyond Light and how you can access the content.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Roadmap

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