Destiny 2 Coup De Grace Blight Bug
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Destiny 2 Coup De Grace Mission – Here’s How to Destroy the Blights

Bungie released the final seasonal mission for Destiny 2 last night called Coup De Grace. It sees players hunt down the Celebrant of Xivu Arath by entering a special mission after upgrading the season lure to rank 6. While this sounds simple, it is far from it. You see the Destiny 2 Coup De Grace mission is bugged to the point where players cannot progress through the blight as it takes no damage when you need to destroy it.


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I tried this mission myself last night and could not for the life of me get the blight to blow up. I shot it once and it took some damage but after the first damage counter, the blight just refused to die. I tried everything; played the mission solo, with one friend and then two friends. Nothing worked at first. However, there is a solution to the problem. Due to the blight only taking one damage counter, the best thing to do is make sure that your deal the most damage possible at first.

How to Destroy the Destiny 2 Coup De Grace Blight

The best thing to do whenever confronted with an immune blight is to simply restart the mission. No matter what you do, you cannot destroy the blight after you have dealt a tiny bit of damage to it. It goes immune and nothing hurts it. Instead of shooting it with an auto rifle or hand cannon, I suggest using a shotgun instead. Use one that deals the most damage at once. That way, the first damage you can deal to the blight will destroy it.

During the mission, whenever a blight is about to appear, make sure you trickle the boss’ health down so you don’t deal too much damage at once. This is to prevent him from dying early on in the mission. If he dies, you will have to go to orbit and restart it.

So two things to keep in mind. Deal moderate damage to the boss to prevent him from dying and use a shotgun to destroy the blights. I was also able to melee the blight but it did not work all the time. Just be safe – shotgun it.

Bungie is also investigating a bug where rewards are not dropping from the mission either. There is meant to be an exotic ship reward but very few players are getting it. Hopefully, they will fix that and the blight bug soon.

Here’s a video compliments of Cheese Forever

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