Bungie shared the details of the latest enhancement update and announced that in early 2021, Destiny 2 will get crossplay support. The developer rolled out the enhanced version of Destiny 2 for both Xbox Series X/S and PS5 last night. Instead of releasing a simple update for the PS5 version of the game, users have to redownload the enhanced version of the game by visiting the game hub and selecting the PS4 to PS5 Destiny 2 version. Xbox users can simply update the game as it supports Smart Delivery.


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The enhanced version of Destiny 2 finally upgrades the game to post-2013 standards with a FOV slider, 4K 60FPS, adds new graphical options and 4K 120Hz support for multiplayer. Not to mention the game is lightning fast now when loading into new areas and navigating your inventory system. It is no longer a chore to play Destiny 2 and there’s such an improvement that it almost feels like a brand new game.

There are exciting times for Destiny 2 ahead says Bungie. In a blog post, the developer shared its plan to fix the horrific loot issues which players are facing. Ever since the Beyond Light expansion, there’s little to collect and unlock due to Bungie removing most of the gear and placing it in the “Content Vault”. The developer admits that it is a case of “quality of quantity” and the loot count is lower than they wanted in Beyond Light.  Bungie announced that with Season 13, they will be adding six new Legendary weapons to current ritual activities, strikes, Gambit and Crucible.

Apart from the new PS5 and Xbox Series X/S version of Destiny 2, Bungie also teased what the future holds for the multiplayer shooter. Of which was the announcement of crossplay support arriving in 2021. This means players across all platforms will be able to join together to complete PvE and participate in PvP. It is unclear when the Destiny 2 crossplay will arrive but the developer included it along with Season 13 information. It may release in early 2021.

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