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Destiny 2: Lightfall Details Leak Revealing New Subclass

Bungie is set to host its “Future of Destiny” reveal on 23 August and everyone who plays the game can’t wait to see what is in store. The 23 August reveal not only marks the inevitable reveal of Destiny 2: Lightfall – the next major expansion in the game but also the rollout of the newest Season 19 content. A new leak has popped up online that details some content coming to the game including a new subclass.

This leak isn’t the first time we have heard about a new subclass in the game. According to previously leaked information, and even a video on Twitter, Destiny 2 will get a new “green” elemental subclass soon. Chances are, this subclass will only arrive when the next expansion launches and reportedly revolves around a poison element and parkour.

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The poison subclass has been in the rumour mill for some time already. Last year, a Pastebin leak also detailed this new green subclass but this leaked video from earlier this week all but confirms the addition. The video showcases new HUD icons that include green abilities and a whole new Super icon. However, the video doesn’t show any of this stuff in action. Rather, it was taken from a Bungie employee’s art station account where they were testing out finishes. The account has since been removed.

Now as for the latest leak, it seems to tie into the upcoming content for the game. According to the source, the new subclass is called “Strand” and revolves around the idea of life and death. The leak claims that the subclass is indeed green but isn’t directly related to a poison archetype.

Strand originally included an ability where players could grapple enemies. Small enemies would be pulled forward while larger ones would see the player pull themselves towards the enemy. The subclass has also been designed with a heavy emphasis on traversal and parkour movements. However, things might have changed during development.

According to the leak, the story in Destiny 2: Lightfall will follow the Witness in search of an item that it wants to use on the Traveller in order to regain back its final shape. Calus will return to the content and play a major role in the story. He is now reportedly in charge of the Pyramid ship on Neptune. Calus was absorbed into the Pyramid ship at the end of the current Season 18.

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There’s also information on a new “friendly alien” race on Neptune. These aliens will grant the Guardian their new Strand subclass and also expand on the story of Calus, The Witness and this item they are looking for.

The leak also suggests that the Traveller and the Pyramid ship collide causing a large portal to appear. This event is reportedly called “Lightfall”.

Lastly, Bungie is also apparently working on new monetization systems for Destiny 2. They will expand on the Event Card purchase that was implemented during the Solstice event.

At the moment we don’t know if this new content will arrive in Season 19 but by the sound of things, there will be a lead-up to this “collision” which plays out in the upcoming two seasons. It will end in Season 20 right before Destiny 2: Lightfall is released. I highly doubt Bungie will include a new subclass in a season drop let alone Neptune. But we’ll have to see what happens on 23 August when it is all revealed.

Source: Pastebin

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