Destiny 2 Loses More Than Half its Player Base on Google Stadia

Google Stadia is not doing too well according to new reports especially for Destiny 2. Since the launch of the game, players who chose Google Stadia as their preferred platform of choice are dropping off like crazy. Stadia launched back in November and it was a rocky start for the service with a limited game library, no HDR support and a long list of missing features not to mention the “Founder’s Edition” mess that saw early adopters being locked out of access.

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Destiny 2 launched alongside the Stadia rollout back in November but its player base is looking a little gloomy at the moment. Even with it being a free-to-play game and allowing any Stadia subscriber access to it, players are jumping ship. During the launch of the service, Destiny 2 had over 19,000 players on Stadia according to Forbes. As of this month, that number had halved leaving as little as 8,000 players in the game. Compared to PC which was sitting at around 500,000 during the Steam launch, this is a drastic drop.

This issue is also restricted to the Google Stadia platform only as PS4, PC and Xbox One players remain dedicated to the grind. The news is also concerning given the game’s current festive event which kicked off in early December and is meant to bring players back on a daily basis for new activities. That, however, is not the case of the Google Stadia platform as it has seen a drastic drop in players.

Blame it on the boring current Destiny 2 Season of Dawn event or the fact that Stadia is still missing some core “next-gen streaming capabilities” but the player base is dying on the platform. Hopefully, this means the game will grow on PS4, Steam and Xbox One as you can never have too many Destiny 2 players.

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