Destiny 2 Coup De Grace Blight Bug

Destiny 2 Players Facing Bans Over Using Game-Breaking Glitch

There’s a new game-breaking bug in Destiny 2 called the Min/Max glitch and players are now facing bans for using it. The glitch has been around for some time already but over the past few days, more and more players have caught onto it which has resulted in a widespread issue.

The Min/Max glitch in Destiny 2 sees players changing the resolution of their game on PC from fullscreen to windowed mode. Once in window mode, players would then hover over the maximize button for five seconds before activating their Super Ability. This would then generate dozens of Orbs of Power.

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Of course, Orbs of Power in Destiny 2 refills your Super Ability gauge which means players can refill this bar over and over again. This is especially helpful when using the glitch in a team with other players who are also using the exploit.

The Min/Max glitch has now resulted in an infinite number of supers which has found its way into various modes in Destiny 2. Players have started abusing the glitch in Raids and PvP activities. PvE content isn’t so much of a problem but the issue is in the PvP modes especially Trials of Osiris.

Players have started using the exploit to wipe teams in the weekly PvP mode and things aren’t pretty. Bungie is fully aware of the issue. In fact, they have known about the Min/Mac glitch for months now. However, Bungie doesn’t plan on fixing the issue until December for some reason.

Thankfully, while there isn’t a fix in sight, the developer is now banning players who use the exploit. Bungie has started sending out RUTABAGA error codes to those who exploit the glitch kicking them out of the game. This results in a temporary suspension.

Unfortunately, players who are caught in the crossfire and perhaps matchmake against those who use the exploit are also facing the same error. It seems Bungie doesn’t have a way to determine who is using the glitch and who simply suffers from players using it. In a forum post, the developer shared an update.

A group of individuals discovered and reported an issue where players can generate more orbs than intended when triggering some supers. The team has been working on a fix for this, currently targeting December for release.

To prevent exploitation of this issue, the team has deployed some changes that will force Rutabaga errors when players attempt to reproduce the bug. With this change, we are also aware that players who experience extreme sustained framerate hitching in PvP environments may encounter this error more frequently than normal.

If you encounter Rutabaga errors when playing in PvP environments for reasons other than reproducing the orb generation issue, please respond to this thread with details on what you were doing when the error occurred.

Source: Bungie

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