Destiny 3 Rumoured to Release in 2020 on Next-Gen Hardware
Destiny 3 2 PS5 Xbox Series X
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Destiny 2 will probably be around for another year or two with new expansions releasing every September up until 2020. Destiny 2: The Forsaken gave the series life again as it ushered in a load of changes that many fans like myself have been enjoying.

Of course, with the series being such a hit, Bungie will keep it going as long as they can and new reports state that Destiny 3 is now in early development.

AnonTheNine took to Reddit to spill some details on the upcoming game saying that next year’s expansion will feature a similar rollout to Forsaken as well as smaller pieces of DLC that will release into 2020. However, at the end of 2020, Destiny 3 will release and the game will be targeted to the hardcore Destiny fans of the series.

According to insider information, Destiny 3 will dive even deeper into the series and deliver a more “RPG driven” experience. Guardians will now have the power of darkness which points to a whole new elemental subclass being the main driver for the game. This power might also be found in weapon elements too.

AnonTheNine claims that Destiny 3 will feature a PvEvP mechanic where players will fight for territory while fighting other players and enemies at the same time. However, the leaked information reveals that this mode will not be similar to The Division’s Dark Zone. Players will also visit the planet Europa, which was first revealed in Destiny concept art a few years ago.

While all this information sounds great, remember that it is not confirmed and we are still a while away from seeing it materialize into anything. If sources are correct, Destiny 3 will be released in 2020 and will, of course, be a next-gen title. What do you make of these leaks? Let us know in the comments below.






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