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Destruction AllStars Developer Still Devoted to Game Despite “Rocky Start”

Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games has stated they are still devoted to the game despite its “rocky start”. The developer made the announcement on their official Twitter account, stating that “we’ve put so much work into the game from feedback and talking with our players over the last few months”.

Destruction AllStars is an arcade-style racer set in a sort of ultra-futuristic destruction derby. Players can choose from a selection of characters each with their own unique vehicle and abilities, from slower-moving “tanks” to high-paced fighters. The goal is fairly simple – all-out destruction.

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Destruction AllStars was set up with all the right conditions for success – it released on PlayStation Plus only two months after its launch giving access to a much larger player base on a brand new console generation – but still saw player counts dwindle. The main reason for this was due to its lacklustre content which was incredibly fun but lost its allure after a couple of hours.

AllStars has been receiving constant updates in the year since its launch which has elevated the gameplay somewhat, and it seems that it has started to grow an avid fan base. AllStars was also Sony’s attempt at entering the “live-service” game model and it is great to see a developer being given the time and resources to focus their efforts.

Lucid Games was also reportedly working on a new Twisted Metal game for the PS5. The title is reportedly still in very early stages of development and is set to be a free-to-play title. Though, according to a new report, the game was shifted from Lucid Games to a new first-party studio within Sony but it still would have made sense for the AllStars developer to handle the project given their previous work.

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