Destruction AllStars Price Drop, New Modes and More Detailed
"You still need to pay for the challenge series"
Destruction AllStars PS5
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Destruction AllStars released for PlayStation Plus this month and it has been through a rough time. Firstly, the player base dropped completely when they experienced the game’s content, which only takes a couple of hours. Secondly, you have to purchase the game’s single-player content with real money too.

Thankfully, Lucid Games knows there are issues with it and plan on fixing it. In a recent blog post, the developer shared their plans for the future of Destruction AllStars. This includes adding new modes, events and permanently dropping the price for the game when it releases for non-PlayStation Plus subscribers in April.

Destruction AllStars will get a new mode next week with the addition of Mayhem 8v8. Lucid Games will then follow the rollout for events, modes and new skins across the game.


  • Double XP Weekend
  • Genesis’ Challenge Series


  • Featured Playlist: Mayhem 8v8 (Playable in a party!**)
  • Featured Playlist: Stockpile 4v4
  • Double XP Weekends
  • Bluefang’s Challenge Series
  • 10 New Skins


  • Featured Playlist: Carnado Solo
  • Double XP Weekends
  • A few more surprises…

We feel that double XP weekends are rather self explanatory, whilst featured playlists are our way of mixing up the playlist offerings for a week or two as we try something new. As with next week’s playlist, Mayhem 8v8, we’ll be using featured playlists as a way to mix up the core game modes. As we move closer towards April, we’ll be back to share more about what you can expect from regular content drops in Destruction AllStars.

Lucid Games has no current plans to stop charging players for the Challenge Seris (the single-player chapter-based content). However, the developer will be dropping the game price for Destruction AllStars to $19,99 when it releases on the 6th o April outside of the free game provided by the PlayStation Plus subscription.

As we’ve shifted the launch of Destruction AllStars into PlayStation Plus, we’re doing the same with the price. We’re thrilled to announce that Destruction AllStars will be available for digital purchase from April 6th for $19.99 / CDN$29.99 / €19.99. This is a great value, and helps ensure the mayhem will continue long after our PlayStation Plus promotion comes to an end. Of course if you’ve already added the game to your library, it’s yours to keep as long as you’re an active PlayStation Plus subscriber.

Source: PlayStation Blog






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