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Destruction AllStars – Game Modes, Currency, Gameplay Details and More

Destruction AllStars releases next week and PS5 owners can look forward to a new console exclusive as the manic combat racer lands free on PlayStation Plus. But what is Destruction AllStars and what exactly do you do in the game? Along with the news of the game joining PlayStation Plus, Sony also released a State of Play video showcasing the various aspects of Destruction AllStars including the games modes, currency, combat, gameplay and more.


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Destruction AllStars Cars and Characters

Destruction AllStars is all about driving around and wrecking other cars on the battlefield. However, there’s also a whole other dimension to the game as players can also run around the arena on foot as the leap, dodge and jump around while they find other vehicles to climb inside and take control of.

Players choose from a range of 16 cool-looking characters to take into the mode with them. Each character has three different cars which can be utilized throughout the game. These vehicles are scattered around each arena and the player needs to climb inside of it in order to transform it into their own.

Destruction AllStars PS5

The first is all about speed and can drift around corners faster than others. The second one is much smaller and easier to control. This vehicle can easily swipe left and right and is capable of performing quick turns and flicks at a press of a button. Lastly, there is the heavy vehicles are a lot slower than the other two but can withstand more damage and are capable of dealing massive damage at the same time.

Each character has its own unique abilities which are charged and used throughout the match. For example, Lupita’s ability sees a trail of fire shoot out of the back of her car or left behind when she runs on foot. This fire deals damage to other vehicles are the drive through it. Shyft can then go invisible either while driving or running around on foot. Each character ability should provide an upper hand when the time comes.

Destruction AllStars Game Modes

Destruction AllStars will include a range of game modes that revolve around different objectives. These include

  • Mayhem –  A classic deathmatch playable in solo and teams. Players deal damage to other vehicles and players and need to wreck as many opponents as possible before the time runs out. The player with the most score at the end wins
  • Carnado – A collect em’ all mode playable in solo and teams. Players need to earn Gears which are awarded for damaging and wrecking opponents. You can also sacrifice your own vehicle to obtain gears but that leaves you out in the open and prone to being attacked.
  • Stockpile – A control-like game mode playable in teams. Players need to knock out other players to collect gears on foot and run to one of the three banks around the arena to deposit the gears.
  • Gridfall – A 16-player battle royale-like mode. Players need to fight to be the last one standing as the arena slowly disappears around them. Plyers can trade a respawn to reenter the fight but run out of respawns and you are out.
  • Challenge Series – A single-player story-focused mode based on a range of characters and their rivals. Players will compete in a range of stages, learn more about the character and face off against their rival in a final showdown.

Destruction AllStars Currency

Like most games these days, Destruction AllStars will also come with its own in-game currency. All-Star Coins are earned by playing online and earning XP while Destruction Points can be purchased from the PlayStation Store for real money. This currency is then used to unlock cosmetics for your characters.

You can watch the full Destruction AllStars State of Play down below;

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