Detroit: Become Human PC Release Date and Details Revealed

Detroit: Become Human releases next month on the Epic Games Store

Developed by Quantic Dream, Detroit: Become Human will soon not be a PS4 exclusive anymore as it will release on PC (via the Epic Games Store) on 12 December 2019. The game released back in April 2018 on PS4 and it is one excellent, story-driven experience from the mind of David Cage. Now, Detroit: Become Human on PC will finally be a thing and it is an experience that PC gamers shouldn’t miss out on.

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Other titles from Quantic Dream are already on the Epic Games Store, as Heavy Rain released in June this year for PC, while Beyond: Two Souls released in July. Now, you just have to wait until 12 December 2019 for the Detroit: Become Human PC version. If you don’t want to instantly throw $30 at the game when it releases, there will also be a free demo to release on the same day featuring the first scene, so you can get a glimpse of the game and how it runs on your PC.

The PC version, according to developer Quantic Dream in a press release, this will be the most complete Detroit: Become Human experience to date, featuring stunning graphics with 4K resolution, 60fps and best of all (for some PC gamers) fully integrated mouse/keyboard as well as gamepad controls.

David Cage talks about the PC version of the game, stating that:

Porting the game to PC has been a tremendous challenge, as we wanted players to get the original experience without any compromise. So we entirely redesigned the interface and developed a new engine to offer 4k resolution and high quality rendering on a wide range of PCs. We are glad to welcome more “deviants” into the dystopic world of Detroit, and allow them to discover Quantic Dream’s vision of interactive storytelling.

At the time of writing, the system requirements for Detroit: Become Human on PC haven’t been revealed, but don’t expect to be able to run the game in 4K on a potato. The game does look fantastic and it will probably require a decent gaming rig to run properly, especially at 60fps.

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Are you excited for the PC version of Detroit: Become Human and have you played any of the other Quantic Dream titles on the Epic Games Store yet? Let us know in the comment section below.

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