Dev Fixes 7-Year-Old Windows Issue in a Few Hours
Windows 10 November 2019 update version 1909 Microsoft
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There’s been an annoying Windows issue for a very long time now and not just in Windows 10. It all started in Windows 8 and it revolves around the dated volume overlay system. Sometimes, the volume overlay just completely overstays its welcome and for me, it has popped up and stayed open even when gaming. It isn’t the biggest Windows issue ever, but it sure is annoying and apparently, it is something that can be fixed in a few hours.

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Microsoft, however, didn’t fix the issue at all over the years. Instead, an independent developer named Niels Laute has reportedly fixed this Windows issue and best of all, it only took him a few hours to do so. Niels implemented an exciting new feature to the Windows 10 volume overlay, an “innovative” dismiss button using freely available Windows community toolkit software.

There are others who are also sick of this Windows issue and some of them have even more drastic solutions including reworks in the works. Unfortunately, this fix isn’t an official one but it just begs the question how Microsoft can take so long to add a simple dismiss button if a developer can create a much better volume overlay in a matter of hours.

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Do you like this way the Windows 10 volume overlay is right now or have you run into any issues with it in the past? Let us know in the comment section below.






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