A new video shared by the official Devil May Cry YouTube account shows the franchise’s latest entry, Devil May Cry 5, running on Valve’s upcoming portable device Steam Deck. Judging by the gameplay showcased, it looks like the Steam Deck will have no problem keeping up with modern games running with relative ease.

The latest video showcases some gameplay of Devil May Cry 5 running on Valve’s Steam Deck, though it’s off-screen. However, we still get a very good idea of the performance and visuals of the Steam Deck, though it’s hard to really judge its full performance without an on-screen display of the gameplay. Nonetheless, it’s quite impressive.

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Valve announced the Steam Deck earlier this year as a portable computer device capable of running your entire Steam library of games, though with some limitations to its hardware and power beneath the hood. That said, Valve’s Steam Deck is still pretty powerful and should be capable of running a vast majority of your Steam library. Devil May Cry 5 is just one out of many games that will be readily available on the handheld device, granted you have it in your Steam library already.

The Steam Deck is expected to ship in February 2022, and leading up to its release, we’re bound to see more gameplay videos showcasing various titles running on the device. Most importantly, it will be a great alternative for players who don’t necessarily have the means to build a PC, but still want the luxuries of accessing the absolutely gigantic library of Steam games (and of course, its big sales). Valve haven’t announced a release date yet other than the window of February 2022, but we’ll surely hear more about it soon.

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