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Devolver Digital Confirms It Won’t Attend E3 2023

Everyone’s favourite publisher Devolver Digital has announced that it will not be attending E3 2023, joining the likes of Ubisoft, Tencent, Sega, Nintendo and Xbox in steering clear of the annual gaming show this year. Historically, Devolver Digital never really attended E3 in the first place but always hosted over-the-top and unhinged but undoubtedly unique presentations around the same time.

Thanks to a recent report from IGN investigating the status of E3 and where various industry publishers stand on the event this year, Devolver Digital provided a statement saying that it never officially attended E3 before and had no plans to do so this year either. Since the publisher’s digital presentations always take place around the same time as E3 every year (in the parking lot across the venue’s street), it’s easy to mistake it’s showcase as being part of the festivities.

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The full statement that Devolver Digital provided reads:

“While we always root for the success of any industry gathering that promotes great games, we have never officially attended E3 and do not plan to do so this year unfortunately. We will also confirm we will not be hosting satellite events this year in Los Angeles, but look forward to returning to our beloved parking lot to do so if the opportunity arises for a future LACC-based event. We are happy to report that we are well underway in the production of our annual Devolver Direct scheduled for June which we will share news about soon.”

The publisher did confirm that it plans to deliver another Devolver Direct this June which is still great news for fans. Those expecting the company to finally slip through the doorways of E3 this year will be disappointed but it’s good to know that it’s sticking to its guns again.

Source: IGN

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