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Diablo 3 Getting Solo Self Found Mode 11 Years After Launch

Blizzard is testing a new solo mode for Diablo 3 which aims to provide a long-term experience for players as the game’s seasonal content comes to an end. Diablo 3 was released 11 years ago and the Solo Self Found Mode will give players something to do when seasonal online leaderboards no longer exist for the RPG.

According to Blizzard, the mode features its own leaderboards as well as its own hardcore version. As the mode’s name suggests, this is a single-player mode with absolutely no friend system or trading. Dungeons also need to be played solo. There’s no friend system at all, m’kay.

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Besides the lack of a friend system, the Diablo 3 Solo Self Mode features the full campaign and you can also jump straight into Adventure Mode. It is currently being tested as part of Patch 2.7.6 in the PTR alongside the game’s final season – Season 29.

Speaking of Season 29, it is called Visions of Enmity. Players will enter pocket dimensions called Visions of Enmity to fight demons and encounter Diabolical Fissures throughout Sanctuary. These fissures can appear even inside these pocket dimensions.

When it comes to the general gameplay tweaks, Blizzard is adding three new exclusive Monster Affixes to Diablo 3 in Season 29. Paragon Points are also being upgraded from 50 to 200 per attribute. At the moment, each category is limited to 200 points but Blizzard says this might change depending on player feedback.

Other quality-of-life changes include increased checkpoint counts in Battlefields and Boneyards. Blizzard has also swapped out some monsters and challenges.

Diablo 3 Season 29 sounds like a day-and-night difference between what is going on in Diablo 4 at the moment. Blizzard has faced some rather harsh backlash regarding its first season in the latest game. So much so that the studio was forced to roll out immediate tweaks to improve the experience. Maybe they should put the Diablo 3 team onto Diablo 4?

You can read all about the latest Diablo 3 patches and changes here.

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