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Diablo 4 Battle Pass Prices, Cosmetics and Seasons Detailed

Blizzard Entertainment recently held another developer diary livestream for its upcoming action-RPG, Diablo 4, revealing more details on the game’s battle pass prices, cosmetics and seasons. The latest video provides a deep dive into rewards and progression, including the start time for the first season which kicks off in July with four seasons planned per year, each lasting three months.

Blizzard made it clear that Diablo 4‘s seasons aren’t meant to add new story content or expand the main campaign as those will be left to major expansions. Instead, seasons will provide themed content every annual quarter that injects “fresh concepts and ideas into the world of Sanctuary.” We can expect new gameplay mechanics, self-contained questlines, characters, items, balancing updates and much more.

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Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson said that the self-contained questlines allows the team to create quests and mechanics that aren’t tied to or restricted by the main campaign:

“You’re basically creating questlines in the open world that can be completely different and not constrained to it has to be about the narration level of story. It can be about anything that’s interesting you want to play into in the open world.”

Of course, players will be required to at least beat the main campaign of Diablo 4 once before they can access the seasonal content. After playing through it once, newly created characters for each season can choose to skip the campaign and jump straight into the seasonal updates. Previously created characters will still be playable but you won’t be able to use them for new seasons, encouraging a new character to be created every season.

Players progressing through each season can rack up experience points called Favor, which will guide them through the battle pass. Additionally, Blizzard’s seasonal pass will offer a free path to completion which includes paid options and additional perks.

Diablo 4 will contain a free battle pass available to all players which adds 27 tiers with rewards such as cosmetics, Smoldering Ashes and more. Once you gain enough Ashes, they can be used to acquire seasonal blessings for more experience points, potions and gold. Those who opt for the paid pass won’t get additional Smoldering Ashes as rewards, though. On that note, here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get for the paid passes:

Diablo 4 Premium Pass ($10)

  • 63 additional tiers
  • Two full cosmetic armor sets for each class
  • Weapon and armor cosmetics
  • Seasonal mount and mount armor

Diablo 4 Accelerated Pass ($25)

  • All perks from the premium pass
  • Immediately unlocks 20 tiers
  • Wings of the Creator emote

The Accelerated Pass is available for those who start seasons late and want to gain a boost in tiers.

Finally, there’s the Diablo 4 cash shop. Unlike the Auction House in Diablo 3, Blizzard made it clear that Diablo 4‘s cash shop will only contain cosmetic purchases. Rewards earned through progressing seasonal content can be cashed in here for new gear, though none will be have any impact on gameplay.

Diablo 4 launches on 6 June 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the full developer update below:

Source: Blizzard

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