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Diablo 4 ‘Book of Lorath’ Videos Catch You Up on The Lore

Ahead of the launch of Diablo 4, Blizzard Entertainment has started uploading an ongoing series of lore videos recapping all the major events of the franchise’s lore to catch you up with the story so far. The ‘Book of Lorath’ videos are much like the Book of Cain from Diablo 3 that accounts the earliest creation of the game’s universe and covers other important events like the creation of Sanctuary, the union of Lilith and Inarius and the Lord of Terror himself.

As of writing, only three episodes of the Book of Lorath have been uploaded to the official Diablo YouTube channel but they’re well worth a watch, especially if you need a quick recap of the major players and events relevant to Diablo 4. Each video is well-animated and details all the important and necessary information you need to know about the history of Diablo‘s universe.

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Since these videos are narrated and animated versions of the Book of Lorath, the physical hardcover book is currently available to order on Amazon and scheduled to release on 6 June 2023. The description of the Book of Lorath reads:

“Amid the restless evil of Sanctuary, only the Horadrim—an ancient order of heroes and scholars—wield the knowledge needed to light the way for humanity. In the Book of Lorath, join Lorath Nahr, one of the last of the dwindling Horadrim, on a journey through Sanctuary’s most powerful relics and the stories behind them. It is Lorath’s hope that this volume will preserve his knowledge for all time… and pass it down to those who will inherit the fight against the Prime Evils. Direct from the Diablo development team and award-winning author Matthew J. Kirby, this immersive, must-have compendium with all-new illustrations showcases the artifacts that have often been—and might yet be—the key to tipping the fate of the world.”

Diablo 4 launches on 6 June 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the three episodes below that have been released so far:

Source: Diablo YouTube

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