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Diablo 4 Boss Teases ‘Secret Announcement’ for Upcoming Stream

A major 90-minute livestream of Diablo 4 is expected to air on Thursday, 20 April which will break down several details about the anticipated action-RPG including classes, dungeons, endgame and more. However, fans might be in for another surprise as the franchise general manager, Rod Fergusson, recently teased that a “secret announcement” might happen during the stream.

Blizzard Entertainment revealed that the upcoming livestream for Diablo 4 will be a whopping 90 minutes long and go in-depth about the endgame as well as several changes being implemented to classes, dungeons, UI and more at launch following the recent closed and open betas. In addition to a deep dive on those aspects, Fergusson responded to the stream’s news by stating, “is this the one with the secret announcement or are we not talking about that yet? I would hate to give it away.”

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Fans have speculated what this secret announcement could be, from the reveal of the highly-requested Paladin class to the game launching earlier in May for Deluxe and Ultimate edition buyers (or the game’s release date generally being moved up). The latter is more likely as Diablo 4 recently went gold and it looks like Blizzard is making good progress with changes and adjustments for launch taking the feedback from the betas into account.

As for the Paladin, fans probably shouldn’t expect the class to be part of the starting lineup at launch. It’s possible that it might arrive at a later date via an update to the game, though Blizzard hasn’t exactly confirmed that Diablo 4 will see the return of the Paladin yet. The class is popular for its ability to balance strong close-range melee attacks and powerful mid-range holy magic capabilities. Diablo 3 put its own spin on the Paladin class with the Crusader.

We won’t have to wait long to find out what this exciting mystery news could be as the Diablo 4 developer update stream will go live on Thursday, 20 April at 11AM PDT or 8PM CAT.

Diablo 4 launches on 6 June 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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