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Diablo 4 Classes and Darker Atmosphere Rumoured

There have been a lot of Diablo 4 leaks recently, from official Art of Diablo images to speculation about the game and we’ve reported on quite a few of them. Now, it is time for the final rumour as BlizzCon 2019 kicks off tonight (1 November) at 20:00 South African time with the opening ceremony, where Blizzard Entertainment will very likely reveal the next Diablo game to the world. The final leak suggests Diablo 4 classes and more.

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Over on Reddit, user Practicalbrush12, who apparently has a history of accurate leaks, from details on Breakpoint to Pokemon Sword and Shield and more, has revealed the first three Diablo 4 classes, as well as that the game will have a much darker atmosphere than that of Diablo 3.

First off, the rumour suggests the game’s atmosphere and that players will be able to interact more with the environment as well as ride horses:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#16EBDD” class=”” size=”20″]Diablo 4 is actually going to look dark, gritty and gross – no more rainbow shiny bullshit this time! Locations are toned down, infrequently laid with corpses, wasteland, greyish deserts, clut caves surrounded by flesh, rotten crypts, marshes and bogs, plagued cities you name it. They are also seemingly much bigger, maybe even open? Characters now are able to ride horses (possibly other mounts), also there’s contextual interaction with the environment? – climbing a wall Lost Ark style. Blood splatters look more like blood and not splashed jam too.[/perfectpullquote]

Then, the rumour goes on to explain the first three Diablo 4 classes, namely:

  • Mage (uses fire, ice and lightning so far)
  • Barbarian (swords, clubs, axes, kicks etc)
  • Druid (lightning, wind, and transforming into beasts – so far bear and werewolf!)

Lastly, the main villain seems to be Lillith, as a leaked we recently reported on suggested, right from the official Art of Diablo set to release on 3 November and that Diablo 4 will improve on Diablo 3’s combat. This rumour also gets a bit more solid as Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad took to Twitter to say that it is in line with what they heard about the game.

As always, please remember to take leaks like this one with a grain of salt. We should know a lot more about the game and if the leaks were correct at BlizzCon 2019 from Blizzard Entertainment, set to kick off tonight at 20:00 South African time. For the full BlizzCon 2019 schedule, click here.

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What do you think about the leaked Diablo 4 classes and are you excited for BlizzCon 2019 from Blizzard Entertainment tonight? Let us know in the comment section below.

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