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Diablo 4 Cosmetics Prices Aren’t Looking Pretty

Diablo 4 is just under a week away from launch or for those who pre-ordered the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition, just a day away from the start of early access. Ahead of the game’s launch, new information has slowly been trickling out about the game including the endgame grind. This time, players have discovered the actual prices of cosmetics that you’ll purchase as microtransactions in the game – and they aren’t looking pretty.

As discovered by Reddit, Diablo 4‘s in-game cosmetics shop has revealed what you’ll be paying, more or less, for cosmetics. It’s worth noting that the microtransactions are purely cosmetic so they don’t have any impact on the actual gameplay, though many argue that it allows companies to prey on the wallets of players who still have to pay $70 for the “full” package in addition to desirable items and gear locked behind pay walls.

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Some players are already quite unimpressed with the cost of certain cosmetics. Namely, an undead horse armour set (that includes the actual horse) can cost you upwards of $28 when using the industry-standard ‘100 to $1’ premium currency conversion. It wouldn’t look out-of-place in a free-to-play game but most fans are already paying $70 premium – and some even more for the higher-tier editions – to access the game already. Of course, you can choose to completely ignore these cosmetics as well.

Diablo 4 Microstransactions

“I’m not against paid cosmetics, but these are very expensive,” said one Reddit user. “Yeah, these types of insane prices have always made it a guarantee that I will never buy any in-game cosmetics for games I play,” said another user. Another fan pointed out that these prices are even more expensive than Overwatch 2 skins, which is a free-to-play game.

Cosmetics are specific to certain classes so your decision to splurge on the microtransactions is entirely up to your build in the end. Sadly, this has become a rather sad recurring trend in gaming, especially if you’re already paying top dollar for what is marketed as the “full” experience when it really isn’t. Blizzard Entertainment faced an uphill battle with the controversy surrounding Diablo Immortal and it might get ugly for Diablo 4 too if these prices hold up at launch.

Diablo 4 launches on 6 June 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Reddit

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