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Diablo 4 Devs Assure Players They Won’t Add Pay-to-Win Elements

Blizzard Entertainment is assuring players that Diablo 4 will not get any pay-to-win elements in future updates. The developer recently spoke in a livestream and mentioned – a total of six times, no less – that players will not be able to “pay for power”, addressing a recent rumour that gained traction in the community.

The latest Diablo 4 livestream, which featured director of community Adam Fletcher, game director Joe Shely and associate game director Joseph Piepiora, cleared the air about recent rumours that the game will get some kind of pay-to-win elements. The rumour originated from YouTube channel Bellular News which sourced a yet-to-be-verified Blizzard survey about the upcoming Vessel of Hatred expansion.

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The survey reportedly detailed four priced tiers ranging from $50, $70, $80 and $100. This would also include benefits to players who purchase the higher tiers such as a bigger stash and earlier access to Uniques and Legendary items.

Adam Fletcher was the first to completely squash the rumours, stating in the livestream:

“We do want to confirm that we did talk about and address the questions we’ve been seeing a lot in the community related to pay for power that have been swirling around; people talking about ‘are you guys planning on adding pay for power in Diablo 4,’ and I know that, we talked about it in the beginning, we are not planning on adding pay for power in Diablo 4.”

“Again, we have no plans to add pay for power to Diablo 4,” said Shely. Piepiora later added as well, “There’s no plans to sell power in Diablo 4.”

While the team behind Diablo 4 works tirelessly to get in the good books of players again, the last few months have been up and down for the game. Blizzard turned off item trading due to a duplication glitch that players began to exploit, while one confused user took to Reddit after they were mass reported for having the word ‘Satan’ in their username – in a game called Diablo.

Diablo 4 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Blizzard

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