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Diablo 4 Earns $666 Million in Five Days – New Blizzard Record

Diablo 4 launched last week to great reviews, amassing a sizeable amount of players both at launch on 6 June and during its early access launch on 1 June. Blizzard Entertainment has now revealed that the game managed to earn $666 million in sales (quite ironic) during its first five days alone, which doesn’t seem to account for the early access period. The company also explained that Diablo 4 has now set a new sales record at the company as well.

In a recent Blizzard press release, the company announced that Diablo 4 crossed $666 million in sales over five days since its 6 June launch. Blizzard didn’t reveal exactly how many copies of the game were sold, though it’s also worth noting that a portion of those sales numbers came from in-game microtransactions, which have since been criticised as being overtly expensive. That said, we’ll have to wait for the official number of copies sold to gauge just how well it stands up against its predecessor, Diablo 3, which managed to sell 3.5 million copies in its first day alone.

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Blizzard also shared other interesting stats such as the total-time played passing 276 million hours. To put that into perspective, that’s basically over 30,000 years that players have already collectively spent playing Diablo 4 and that number is only going to go up.

If you’re one of the few that already managed to power through Diablo 4‘s story and reached the endgame, Blizzard has post-launch plans scheduled to roll out over the course of the next few months, including its first live-service season and the option to begin purchasing battle passes, which will undoubtedly boost the game’s overall sales figures more. The stats also revealed that 163 players have managed to hit the level 100 cap so far in Hardcore mode, where one death is permanent and results in all your progress lost.

Diablo 4 is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

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