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Diablo 4 Excluded From PlayStation’s Most Anticipated Games of 2023

PlayStation recently uploaded a list of its most anticipated games releasing in 2023, including major upcoming games like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Hogwarts Legacy, Resident Evil 4 and many more. However, Diablo 4 has been notably excluded from this list despite having a confirmed June release date.

PlayStation’s “23 Great Games to Look Forward to in 2023” list was recently published to celebrate the wide range of games coming to PS5 this year. Fans quickly noticed that Diablo 4 wasn’t mentioned anywhere on the list. The RPG is frequently listed as one of 2023’s most anticipated games elsewhere, so its absence from PlayStation’s official list is strange, though it may have to do with a number of factors.

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The biggest factor is Sony’s current ongoing dispute with Microsoft over the Activision Blizzard deal. The game is still expected to release on PlayStation consoles in June, but the Diablo series always relied on its own multi-platform marketing instead of favouring any specific platform.

There’s also the issue of Activision Blizzard’s previous sexual harassment and misconduct allegations which first surfaced a while before Xbox announced its acquisition plans. Sony might’ve been trying to distance itself from the publisher since then, as evident in a similar list published for 2022 which failed to mention any Activision Blizzard releases either.

However, Diablo 4‘s exclusion from PlayStation’s list isn’t that surprising when you consider that other highly anticipated games were also excluded. These include Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Dead Island 2 and strangest of all, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon which, going by From Software’s reputation and critical acclaim alone, already topped several most anticipated lists for 2023 – apart from it also being the long-awaited return of the Armored Core franchise.

Diablo 4 is being touted as a welcomed return to form for the series, featuring a darker gothic presentation similar to the first two games. The game will feature Lilith, daughter of Mephisto, as the primary antagonist and will transport players to an open world that spans Sanctuary and other realms.

Diablo 4 releases on 6 June 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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