Diablo 4 Fans Upset Over Dull Season 3 Reward Track

Diablo 4 is now in its third season. Season 3 kicked off earlier this week called Season of the Construct and it means players need to fork out more money to unlock new rewards through the game’s paid rewards track. Up to now, the seasonal content has managed to please fans but it seems that Season 3 simply isn’t up to scratch. According to Diablo 4 fans, the latest season is the “dullest rewards track yet”.

Diablo 4 fans have taken to social media and Reddit to voice their distaste for the latest content. Many of them believe that Blizzard hasn’t delivered anything worth paying the extra $10 for. Some say that while Season 1 and Season 2 left much to be desired, Blizzard has completely dropped the ball in Season 3.

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Of course, the bigger issue at hand here is the in-game store. Blizzard promised fans that the “best cosmetics” would be included in the game’s loot and these paid Season Battle Passes. However, as the seasons have gone by, the in-game paid store, which offers cosmetics items for $20 (R400) per item set, has greatly outweighed the battle pass items when it comes to style.

Blizzard is now keeping all the cool-looking items for these incredibly overpriced cosmetic packs and the paid seasonal track looks to be getting the scraps. User Lightsandbuzz says this is an issue across all Blizzard games. The company only has profits in mind:

“D4 cosmetics are a disappointment. There’s not very many free ones. The battle pass ones are a major let down and not worth the $10. And all the other actual good ones are shoved into the store at a price of like $20 or more for a set. The value proposition on cosmetics in D4 is extremely poor. All I can say is play the game if you want, but don’t buy the battle pass or the stupid paid cosmetics. This is the same issue in Overwatch 2. Kind of funny how it’s the same company that runs both games… and has run them both into the ground.”

Another user says the Diablo 4 Season 3 battle pass rewards are the lowest of the low-hanging fruit. The pass includes items such as striped pants and shirts. Again, pushing all the cool-looking cosmetics into the in-game store.

Players are feeling a bit despondent with this battle pass system at the moment. While the season offers new mechanics and gameplay to enjoy, the rewards for doing so seem pointless.

Blizzard was recently hit with massive layoffs as a result of Microsoft’s 1900 job cuts. The company has also cancelled its in-development survival game called Odyssey.

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