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Diablo 4 Full Map is Massive Compared to Small Beta Area

Following the recent open beta, a full map of Diablo 4‘s world surfaced online showing how small the beta area was compared to the massive complete picture. Developer Blizzard Entertainment previously spoke about how it planned to expand the world of Diablo 4 to a much larger scope than anything we’ve seen before in the series and it’s certainly living up to that promise now that we have a full map to really soak in the scale.

Over the past couple of weekends, Blizzard hosted early access and open betas for Diablo 4 that allowed players to explore Fractured Peaks, one of five major areas in the game’s world. The snowy region is the starting point for the full adventure to come. A full map of Diablo 4‘s world has now been revealed, showing that Fractured Peaks was just a small area compared to the rest of the land mass.

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Have a look at the full map of Diablo 4‘s world below (with Fractured Peaks highlighted in red):

Diablo 4 Full Map Size Blizzard Entertainment Fractured Peaks

Those who played the beta know that Fractured Peaks isn’t “small” by any means. In fact, it’s already sizeable enough that, unless you spent dozens of hours exploring every inch of the region, you may not have seen and mapped every corner of it. I personally put in at least 25 hours across both betas and still had sections of the map that weren’t cleared and several key points left unexplored (check out this handy interactive map from Map Genie that shows every activity from the beta).

If that’s any indication, be prepared to sink well over 100 hours into Diablo 4 if you’re planning on exploring the map in its entirety. Blizzard stated that each region would be unique and different to each other so we can definitely expect more diverse areas than just the snowy beta region. Previous gameplay already showed desert and mountainous regions so we’re in for a lot of exploration and tons of content with the full game.

Diablo 4 launches on 6 June 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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