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Diablo 4 Hits Xbox and PC Game Pass in March

Last year, Activision Blizzard reiterated that it had no plans to bring Diablo 4 to Xbox Game Pass. During last night’s Official Xbox Podcast, Microsoft boss Sarah Bond revealed that Diablo 4 will be coming to Xbox and PC Game Pass after all. The action-RPG is scheduled to launch on the subscription service in March, lining up with the launch of its next expansion.

Diablo 4 marks the first game published by Activision Blizzard to hit Game Pass after Microsoft acquired the publisher for $69 billion last year. While several Bethesda titles were added to Game Pass only two days after Xbox’s acquisition of the Fallout publisher, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said players would have to wait a bit longer for Activision Blizzard games to arrive on the subscription service.

The transition is starting off big with Diablo 4, the last major title released by Blizzard Entertainment. Players who own subscriptions to Xbox or PC Game Pass will be able to access Diablo 4 on 28 March. “I’m excited to announce, with the coming together that we had with Activision Blizzard King, that Activision Blizzard games are coming to Game Pass starting with Diablo 4 on March 28, which I’m super, super excited to share today,” said Sarah Bond.

Activision Blizzard has a massive library of games and IPs under its belt so it’s anyone’s guess when franchises like Call of Duty or older Diablo games will hit the subscription service. With Diablo 4 marking the start of the publisher’s games finally rolling out on Game Pass, we can hopefully expect more games to trickle out in the coming months.

Bond and Spencer also spoke a bit about the future of Xbox during the podcast, stating that Microsoft’s next console would be the ‘the largest technical leap’ we’ve ever seen from the company. It’s still a bit far out from release but it seems like Microsoft is already looking to the future while focusing on current offerings to players too.

Source: Official Xbox Podcast

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