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Diablo 4 – How Long Does it Take to Beat?

Diablo 4 is finally out and players who purchased the game might be wondering just how long of a journey the return to Sanctuary will be this time. In terms of what you’ll be getting for its hefty price tag, there’s a lot of content to digest, either through completing the main campaign or taking on the massive endgame grind. Here’s how long Diablo 4 will take you to beat, whether you just want to rush the main story or complete everything it has to offer.

Some players might’ve ran through the main story of Diablo 4 over the past weekend thanks to early access via the Deluxe and Ultimate editions. Thankfully, this has provided enough data to more or less estimate just how long you’ll be spending completing the game. According to HowLongtoBeat, players suggested that the main story will take roughly 18 hours to complete. In my own personal experience, I managed to beat the main story in around 22 hours but that also included doing a handful of side activities and dungeon crawling.

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If you want to add side activities and quests on top of that, you’ll be looking at an estimated playtime of around 29-30 hours. Completionists hoping to experience literally everything that Diablo 4 has to offer are looking at 46 hours of playtime.

Keep in mind, this only accounts for the content currently available in the base game and doesn’t include seasonal content which can easily add more hours on top of that. Additionally, if you’re planning on running through Diablo 4 with more than one character (after all, it’s pretty enticing to try out all five classes), you can multiply that playtime by 2-5.

That said, if you’re aiming for the endgame, then a majority of your time will be spent grinding out Legendary gear, competing against others in PvP or escalating the challenge in higher World Tiers. All of this amounts to hundreds of hours of playtime if you’re committed enough.

Diablo 4 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: HowLongtoBeat

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  • Nikki_boagreis 8 June 2023

    Im only just starting act 3 and I’ve played 30 hours, then again im not rushing like some players. I seen a stream and the streamer was already level 70. Im trying to complete all sub quest, unfortunately a few are bugged and can’t be completed.

    • Marco Cocomello 8 June 2023

      No take your time and enjoy it. Doing the same. Every quest is being done and every part of the map is being explored before moving to the next act. You don’t get to play games like this every year so really absorb its greatness.

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