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Diablo 4 Leak Reveals Difficulty Settings and New Gameplay

Diablo 4 is currently undergoing a closed alpha test which is also under an NDA. However, as expected someone decided to record their gameplay and share it with the world. The closed alpha leak gives us a glimpse at some gameplay (although not a lot of it) but at the same time, new leaked images have revealed the game’s difficulty settings and what each World Tier does in Diablo 4. There’s also confirmation on the Diablo 4 game size which is currently sitting at 70GB during the alpha test. This might change closer to launch.

Given that this is a leak, things might change in the future leading up to Diablo 4’s early 2023 release date. You should also avoid this content if you want the game to remain fresh when you start it up yourself next year. Keep in mind that the gameplay isn’t anything in spoiler territory. In fact, it just showcases the game’s intro and the iconic bonfire start menu where players can select their characters.

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The most important part of this Diablo 4 leak is definitely the game’s difficulty settings. These modes will most likely influence your decision on the game and how much time you spend fighting the demons of Hell. Diablo 4 features World Tiers as difficulty modes. The alpha test included World Tier 1 as “Adventurer” and World Tier 2 as “Veteran”. The final game will consist of higher tiers. Each tier will adjust the game’s loot drop and enemy scaling. At the moment, the current scaling goes as follows.

  • World Tier 1
    • Adventurer
      • Recommended for new players to Diablo or want a slight challenge
      • Enemies are easy to defeat
      • Drops are average
  • World Tier 2
    • Veteran
      • Recommended for Diablo veterans who want to be tested
      • Enemies will challenge you
      • Better drops
      • Increased XP & Gold

Diablo 4 will also feature a range of tutorial settings that offer different tips to players depending on what they choose. For example, choosing “More Guidance” will provide in-depth tutorials while “Less Guidance” will offer fewer tips.

Other gameplay screenshots showcase the game’s character creation engine. The screenshots include the player creating both a male and female Barbarian. The tabs include Face and Body, Hair, Accessories (tattoos and piercings) and the ability to adjust the colour of everything.

Diablo 4

Here’s the leaked gameplay clip below.

Here is another screenshot of the character creator.

Diablo 4

Lastly, here’s an image of the start screen where users will log into their accounts. It looks awesome if I say so myself.

Diablo 4

Source: Telegram

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