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Diablo 4 Microtransaction Pricing and Cosmetic Bundles Detailed

Diablo 4 is out in early access this week and if you’re wondering how much money it will cost you to purchase extra cosmetics then we have you covered. The microtransactions for Diablo 4 have appeared online revealing how much everything will cost.

According to the in-game store page, players will need to purchase Platinum to unlock cosmetic items. Platinum comes in a range of packs which costs real money. Different cosmetics then cost different amounts of Platinum. Of course, these packs are perfectly bundled to always be short when buying a cosmetic pack meaning you’ll always have to opt for the higher bundle.

Diablo 4 Add-On Bundles

Then there’s Add-Ons which can’t be purchased with Platinum and instead, require straight-up real money. These Add-Ons come with a range of items. Some include mount packs and others cosmetic packs. The Crypt Hunter, for example, is a horse mount pack which includes a Liath Icehowl mount and some cosmetics items. There’s also 800 Platinum in the bundle all for $20.

Diablo 4 Platinum Pricing

At the moment, the Platinum packs cost the following in Diablo 4 (we will have a Rands version up soon).

  • 200 Platinum – $1.99
  • 500 Platinum – $5.99
  • 800 Platinum – $7.99
  • 1000 Platinum – $9.99
  • 2,800 Platinum – $24.99
  • 5,700 Platinum – $49.99
  • 11,500 Platinum – $99.99

Diablo 4 Microstransactions

Then we have the cosmetic packs. It seems that most bundle packs can cost anywhere between 1,300 Platinum and 2,800 Platinum. So basically, between $13 – $26.  The Lion of Arreat Barbarian bundle includes a cosmetic set for the character and skinned items for each equipment slot. This costs 2,200 Platinum.

Diablo 4 Microstransactions

The Wraith Lord is a Necromancer skin pack which includes a full set of cosmetics. It is the most expensive one at 2,800 Platinum. That equals $25.

Diablo 4 Microstransactions

There are some cheaper cosmetic items which are individual purchases. The Lion’s Share is a Barbarian Shield transmog that costs 800 Platinum, so basically $8 for a single transmog.

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