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Diablo 4 Player Hits Max Level Cap in 56 Hours

Diablo 4 is officially out today for all users who don’t own the Deluxe and Ultimate Edition. Even though the early access lasted only for four days, someone managed to grind their way to the max level cap of 100 before the mass public even had their hands on the game.

According to PCGamesN, YouTuber Rob2628 posted a video claiming to be the world’s first level 100 player. He hit the level cap using his Barbarian.

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Rob says he played the game for 54 hours and 29 minutes. He only slept for 8 hours during the session and played most his game win a group.

While this is an achievement, according to the user, the group did make use of a game exploit to reach the level cap. The exploit would see one user in the grou leave the party while in a dungeon. That dungeon progress would then reset.

Using this method, the group ran through the Champion’s Demise dungeon which has more elite monsters than other dungeons. It made levelling up his Barbarian much easier and quicker. Users also claim that Rob made use of the overpowered Barbarian Gohr’s Devastating Grips which were recently nerfed due to its insane power.

Diablo 4 features two level caps. There’s the initial level cap at 50. After which, the game unlocks the Paragon Level system where users can fine tune their character with small upgrades as they reach level 100.

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