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Diablo 4 Players are Unhappy With Necromancer Nerfs

Over the past weekend, Blizzard Entertainment held the Diablo 4 Server Slam to further stress test the servers and give players access to the various changes implemented to classes following feedback from the previous closed and open betas. While the Server Slam seemed to go without a hitch regarding its server tests, for the most part, fans quickly voiced their concerns and frustrations over the fan-favourite Necromancer class which was hit with a nasty nerf.

According to Blizzard, the Necromancer was the most chosen class next to the Sorcerer during Diablo 4‘s open beta so there’s no question about the classes popularity among fans. After the open beta, Blizzard explained the various buffs and nerfs that each class will receive for players to try out in the recent Server Slam. Chief among them was the Necromancer which received nerfs in all the wrong ways.

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Since the Server Slam began, word quickly spread online with complaints about the Necromancer class being nerfed. The class essentially allows players to summon legions of the undead to fight alongside them or use corpse explosion from downed enemies to cause big AoE damage. Unfortunately, fans weren’t too happy with the way Blizzard handled the changes to the Necromancer, which isn’t even a glass cannon option anymore. It’s just glass.

The biggest complaint was the severely reduced health threshold of the Necromancer’s summoned skeletons. According to players, the skeletons now die in just a couple of hits before they can even have a chance to attack or do damage. Enemy AoE attacks also melt through skeletons, even the shielded ones which should be able to tank a few hits.

Apparently this issue is not just exclusive to the Necromancer class but the Druid as well. One player pointed out, “Not just necro minions but all minions or summons die 75% faster now. Even druid wolves are dying once every like three to four minutes.”

During the open beta for Diablo 4, summoned minions could easily tank and do a modest amount of damage to enemies before they were downed, allowing the Necromancer to hang back and chart out a path of bloody corpse explosions in their wake. It was a pretty good balance of ranged attacks, relying on summons and using the environment smartly, making the Necromancer a perfectly viable and extremely fun option for many players.

Unfortunately, the recent nerfs to the Necromancer will carry over the game’s full launch next month unless Blizzard makes some quick re-adjustments again. That said, a lot of complaints were raised about the nerfs to every class, though the Necromancer was brought up far more frequently than the others.

UPDATE: Diablo manager Rod Fergusson recently stated that he’s heard the complaints about the Necromancer nerfs and Blizzard is currently working to rebalance the class.

Diablo 4 launches on 6 June 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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