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Diablo 4 PlayStation Trophy List Revealed

The full PlayStation trophy list for Diablo 4 has been revealed. If you’re thinking about picking up the anticipated action RPG on either PS4 or PS5, you’ll have a number of trophies to work through in order to reach Platinum.

According to the trophy list for Diablo 4, most trophies will either require you to level up your character to the level 100 cap, collect a certain amount of collectables and items or slay a certain amount of enemies. Before you take a look at the full trophy list below, keep in mind that some of them could be considered spoilers so tread with caution. In total, you’re looking at 26 trophies.

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Diablo 4 PS4 and PS5 Full Trophy List


  1. Collect all other trophies.


  1. Worldly Slayer – Kill any World Boss.
  2. Estuar Sightseer – Explore all of Estuar.
  3. Curious Collector – Unlock all Codex of Power Aspects.
  4. True Perseverance – Reach Level 50 with a Hardcore character.
  5. Devoted Protector – Reach Level 100 with any character.
  6. End of the First Mother – Defeat Uber Lilith.


  1. Hammer Down – Kill 50 enemies while Berserking as a Barbarian.
  2. Shifty Swipes – Kill 50 enemies in Werebear form and 50 enemies in Werewolf form as a Druid.
  3. Army of Bones – Summon 100 Skeleton Mages or Warriors as a Necromancer.
  4. In and Out – Kill 50 enemies in Melee range and 50 enemies out of melee range as a Rogue.
  5. Master of the Elements – Kill 100 enemies with Fire, Frost, or Lightning damage as a Sorcerer.
  6. Convenient Crafts – Craft any Elixir, and any Incense.
  7. Potent Alterations – Upgrade a piece of Armor, Jewelry, and a Weapon.
  8. Living Nightmares – Complete a Sacred and Ancestral Nightmare Dungeon.
  9. Turning the Tides – Collect 1000 Aberrant Cinder in Helltide zones.
  10. Chaotic Whispers – Open 10 Caches of Chaos from the Tree of Whispers.
  11. First Aid – Upgrade your Healing Potion to max tier.
  12. Master Combatant – Get 5 PvP kills.


  1. Emancipation – Complete the campaign.
  2. Dedicated Protector – Reach Level 50 with any character.
  3. Legion Killer – Kill 666 Demons, Fallen, or Goatmen.
  4. Undead Undone – Kill 666 Ghosts, Skeletons, or Zombies.
  5. Exterminator – Kill 666 Snakes or Spiders.
  6. Turned – Kill 666 Drowned, Vampires, or Werewolves.
  7. Tortured Souls – Kill 666 Bandits, Cultists, or Knights.

Diablo 4 launches on 6 June 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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