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Diablo 4 Season 1 Battle Pass Doesn’t Have Enough Currency to Buy Next Battle Pass

Blizzard Entertainment recently launched season 1 of Diablo 4 titled Season of the Malignant. The launch didn’t exactly go smoothly but to add a bit more fuel to the fire, players are quickly discovering that completing the season won’t net you enough premium currency to purchase the next battle pass or anything from the store. The rest will have to be paid with real money in order to make up for the difference.

As reported by IGN, Diablo 4 players are once again upset and rebelling against Blizzard for its decision to limit the amount of premium currency you can actually earn when completing the current season. Completing Season of the Malignant will earn you 666 Platinum, which is the premium in-game currency players can use to either buy the next battle pass or purchase cosmetics from the store.

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666 Platinum doesn’t sound too bad on paper but the problems become clearer when you look at how much it actually costs to purchase the next battle pass. Season 2’s battle pass is currently believed to cost 1,000 Platinum, meaning even if players complete the entire first season, they won’t have nearly enough currency to buy the next battle pass without shoveling out extra real-world money to make up for the rest of the Platinum cost.

Players who purchased the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of Diablo 4 already have around 1,000 Platinum as a bonus to make up for the difference but that’s assuming they haven’t spent any on cosmetics already. On that note, 666 Platinum isn’t even enough to buy cosmetics on the store. The cheapest item on the store currently costs 800 Platinum, which means you’ll still have to give into microtransactions to see any type of “reward.”

A similar battle pass system is present in games like Fortnite and Apex Legends – but the only difference is, those games are free-to-play. Players still had to buy Diablo 4 at $70.

The dumpster fire of Diablo 4‘s poor post-launch management is only exacerbated in other situations. Fans were initially not very happy with the season 1 update that introduced controversial changes and nerfs, making certain classes weaker while also increasing the amount of time it will take you to grind to level 100. Blizzard admitted on a recent stream that the state of the game is currently in a “bad” state and promised to address these issues as they come.

Diablo 4 is currently available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: IGN

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