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Diablo 4 is Trying to Bounce Back With Big Endgame Changes in Season 2

Blizzard Entertainment recently hosted a developer livestream that detailed all the changes and additions coming to Diablo 4 Season 2, titled Season of the Blood. Additionally, the company promises some massive changes to the endgame experience including lessening the grind and introducing more exciting features and enemies to keep players invested.

Season of the Blood with mainly focus on vampires. As the story goes, after Lilith’s actions in the main campaign of Diablo 4, Sanctuary is plunged into chaos with the sudden emergence of these blood-sucking foes. The player is infected with vampirism which means new unique powers as well. A new NPC named Erys, a vampire hunter, will also be introduced for players to meet in the new season with a bit of additional story content.

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While the livestream mentioned the content of season 2, the team spent most of the time detailing the endgame experience and how Blizzard plans to introduce big changes. Despite an extremely strong launch with positive feedback from the community, subsequent updates to Diablo 4 debuffed many classes, tweaked the meta and made bizarre creative decisions that left a sour taste in players mouths. Blizzard is hoping that the season 2 endgame changes will be good enough to bring players back.

As for what you’ll be getting in season 2’s endgame fixes, Blizzard is improving XP gain after level 50 which will supposedly make the grind to level 100 about “40% faster.” In a follow-up interview with IGN, game director Joe Shely discussed what these endgame improvements will bring to the table:

“We found that the game feels like it slows down a bit. We felt that there needed to be more content in the 50-100 and especially the 70-100 range. We also felt like it was simply too slow to get to 100. The way that players have approached the game is that they set a goal for themselves to reach level 100 and that goal needs to feel like it’s an achievable goal for a lot of our players. It felt, in Season 1, we think, like it was not as achievable.”

Among the other changes coming to season 2, new players will now have the option to skip the game’s campaign after the prologue and jump straight into seasonal content. Before this update, players had to beat the main campaign first in order to access the new seasons. Additionally, Nightmare Dungeons are also getting some improvements. Players will now be able to teleport to the interior of a dungeon instead of the outside entrance, potentially saving you a long loading screen. Monster density is also being increased while companion durability is being buffed.

Finally, gems will now be automatically moved to the crafting materials page so it frees up some much-needed space in the player’s inventory.

Since the launch of season 1, Diablo 4 has faced numerous struggles to retain good will among the player base. The controversial changes and balances to the game are well-documented, though Blizzard tried its best to douse the fire by releasing new updates that rebalanced classes and fixes several quest and UI bugs. Blizzard also has plans to release MMO-like annual expansions for the game.

Diablo 4 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Watch the full developer update video below:

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