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Diablo 4 Story Trailer Prepares Players for Hell

Blizzard Entertainment has released the story trailer for its anticipated upcoming action-RPG, Diablo 4, ahead of the game’s launch early next month. The trailer gives us a glimpse into the war brewing between Inarius and Lilith who have both returned to Sanctuary. Thankfully the trailer is also light on any potential spoilers so it’s safe to watch, though you probably shouldn’t if you’re saving all the cutscenes for the full game.

The story trailer for Diablo 4 mostly splices together cinematics we’ve already seen with a few new clips thrown in. As the story goes, Lilith, the daughter of Hatred and mother of Sanctuary, has returned from the Void, possibly in an attempt to reclaim her children and raise them to be powerful Nephalem. Inarius, on the other hand, has also returned from his enslavement in the Burning Hells and seems pretty angry at Lilith. This lover’s quarrel will decide the fate of Sanctuary.

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Players will have the option of choosing one of five classes: Necromancer, Druid, Barbarian, Sorcerer and Rogue. Each class offers a unique playstyle that focuses on various combat skills like melee, magic, transformations, stealth, archery, necromancy and more. Players will start in Fractured Peaks during Act I before branching off to a massive overworld map containing five zones.

Blizzard previously held a number of closed and open betas for Diablo 4 to stress test the servers before the game’s launch. The reception has been mostly positive but during the latest Server Slam, a number of complaints came in from players about Blizzard nerfing the classes in an effort to balance them. The Necromancer was hit the hardest with the nerfs as players reported that the class felt weak and not fun to play anymore. Blizzard says it will address these issues again before the full release.

Diablo 4 launches on 6 June 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the story trailer below:

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