Diablo 4 to Feature Over 100 Towns and Places to Help

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Diablo 4 to Feature Over 100 Towns and Places to Help

Blizzard Entertainment officially revealed Diablo 4 to the world at BlizzCon 2019 over this past weekend at the opening ceremony and since then, more and more information has come to light about the highly-anticipated ARPG. We know that the world will be massive and feature five distinct regions, seamlessly connected for an open-world design, but how big exactly will it be? Well, it looks like Diablo 4 will be massive and feature over 100 towns and places for players to help.

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Speaking at a BlizzCon 2019 panel on the World and Lore of Sanctuary, the Creative Director on Diablo 4, Sebastian Stępień, spoke more about the world and the darker story compared to that of Diablo 4. In past games, there were only a handful of towns or settlements for players to pick up quests in and help the NPCs out, but in Diablo 4, there will be over 100 of them. Check out what Sebastian Stępień explained on the panel during BlizzCon 2019 as reported by WCCFTech below.

You probably heard already a lot about darkness. But I want to say a few more things about darkness. Because this is something very very important for us and the truth is we are not going to be just dark. We want to bring back this very very specific vibe that makes Diablo unique and it’s not only about darkness, so this is very, very important for us because it impacts almost every layer of the game, every aspect. The first thing is the story. We want to make a much more grounded story [in Diablo IV] than in Diablo III.  And we think that the best way to deliver this story is to give you a possibility to discover stories of simple folks and that’s why you are watching this movie right now.


So imagine this kind of village, this is just an example. It’s not about this specific village, we have like over 100 villages or places like this. And we would like to focus on those simple stories, the Eternal conflict that is going on even here. So it’s not about big heroes, it’s not about politics, kings, or any other high fantasy themes. It’s about those guys and as a reference, you can think about Wirt from Diablo I or Marius from Diablo II.

Diablo 4 is without a release date right now but we know that Blizzard Entertainment is developing the game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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What do you think about Diablo 4 featuring over 100 towns and settlements for players to explore and help? Let us know in the comment section below and check out the gameplay revealed at BlizzCon 2019 by Blizzard Entertainment if you haven’t already.

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