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Diablo Immortal Battle Pass Glitch Supposedly Costing Players Millions of XP

A glitch in the battle pass for Diablo Immortal is reportedly costing players millions of XP despite developer Blizzard releasing a hotfix specifically designed to fix the issue. A community lead for Blizzard has acknowledged the issue that prevents players from receiving their associated XP rewards from various Battle Pass tasks.

The acknowledgment came from a Reddit post stating that there was a hotfix release by the developer to address the bug and will “calculate each individual’s lost XP” which will then be retroactively rewarded to players. However, despite the release of a hotfix to fix the bug, the issue still persists with players still reporting encounters with the glitch.

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Reddit user The-Crawling-Chaos posted that they had “leveled up my Battle Pass after the weekly reset and I did not receive any XP for doing so”, in a post on the 25th of July. The-Crawling-Chaos also noted that this was after they had updated the title that included the Battle Pass hotfix.

“This is at least the third level that I have not received any XP for now. This is such a major bug and it is incredibly disappointing Blizzard has not corrected it yet (or any of the other major bugs for that matter).”

Another Reddit user, mdkubit, also confirmed that they had experienced the same issues after the supposed fix was released, stating “I can confirm this. After today’s reset, I completed bounties and finished a Battle Pass Rank, the XP animation played but the XP bar did not increase at all”.

One Blizzard forum user, BigBad, also confirmed that they had encountered the same issue that has resulted in them losing almost 5 million XP for their Diablo Immortal character.

“Its been a very known issue by all the community now for the last few days that the battle Pass is randomly not granting XP Reward after lvl ups. Please do something about it or at least give the community some sort of response.

I personally didn’t get XP Rewards 6 times in the last few days, so thats almost 5Mil XP. Reading the forums, I feel like its noticeable that this is a very occuring issue right now. Please Do something.”

Blizzard has already reportedly made over $50 million from Diablo Immortal since its release despite the issues with the game. Currently, it still costs over R1 million in real money to max out your character in Diablo Immortal thanks to the included microtransactions, which have been defended by a Blizzard executive as the only to bring a “free Diablo experience to millions of people”.

Source: Reddit

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