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Diablo IV Will Have a Large Open-World With Over 150 Dungeons

Activision Blizzard have offered some new details about the world of Diablo IV in recent developer update videos. According to the team, Sanctuary will be a diverse open-world that will allow players to explore from “coast to coast”, boasting over 150 dungeons as well.

As detailed in the update videos, Diablo IV will feature a full open-world version of Sanctuary. It will be broken into five major regions, populated by towns and smaller biomes. We also got a look at some of these locations, including the rain-drenched town of Scosglen Coast which looks beautiful.

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Other locations shown off in the videos include the Orbei Monastery, located in the Dry Steppes and the dark town of Kyovashad which is situated in the snowy Fractured Peaks.

Blizzard went on to talk about dungeons in Diablo IV. In total, players will be able to explore around 150 of them. In typical Diablo fashion, they’ll all be randomised. Some dungeon tilesets shown off include the Forgotten Places, the Wretched Caves and the Flooded Depths.

Unlike Diablo III which opted for a more cartoonish look and feel, Diablo IV will return to the darker and grittier roots of the series first established in the original two games. Much of what we’ve seen certainly leans into a grimmer aesthetic and we can’t wait to see how Blizzard implements a full open-world design for the anticipated sequel.

Unfortunately, we won’t be playing Diablo IV anytime this year as Blizzard revealed that it will likely release by 2023 at the soonest. This also includes Overwatch 2, which has also been quiet on the update front though we can expect to hear a lot more news about these games in the coming months that hopefully shed more light on their gameplay and design.

Diablo IV is currently in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC, but it will probably come to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S too.

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