You Can Now Play the Original Diablo in Your Web Browser
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The original 1996 Diablo can now be played directly in your web browser if you want to get away with some gaming at work and pretend you are surfing the web for “research”.

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The browser port was made possible due to the GalaXyHaXz and Devilution team that reverse-engineered the original source code of Diablo back in 2018. This made the browser port possible which was created by Rivsoft.

The reconstructed source code was completely rebuilt but it still includes all the bugs and even the bad code from the original 1996 release. This is the code that was used to build and create this browser port.

The browser version is not the full game though, rather a shareware version that limits players to one of three character classes and the first two areas of the first act. If you want to play the full game you can, you will just need to upload your DIABDAT.MPQ file onto the site so it avoids piracy.

The project runs quite well and after downloading the shareware package, which is about 50Mb, you can enjoy the game’s first hour or so without any issues. If you want to play more then grab your DIABDAT.MPQ file which can be found in your installer directory.

The original Diablo is still held as one of the greatest dungeon RPGs of all time. It is a classic and even though it is over 20 years old, it still makes for an enjoyable run through. At least it is something until Blizzard gives us more information on the upcoming Diablo: Immortal and Diablo 4, of which both are currently in development.






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