DICE Explains Battlefield V’s Microtransactions & Progression Systems
Battlefield V's microtransactions
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This time, EA is doing it right, right from the start. First, there is no Premium Pass for Battlefield V which means all players can progress through every chapter of the long journey together. Secondly, Battlefield V’s Microtransactions structure doesn’t launch with the game but only becomes available at a later stage.

You will never be able to use Battlefield Currency or spend real-world money to get anything that gives you an unfair gameplay advantage.

There are two types of in-game currency in Battlefield V:

  1. Company Coin that everyone unlocks as they play the game
  2. Battlefield Currency that you purchase with real money

At the heart of Battlefield V’s progression system is The Company; your collection of soldiers, weapons and vehicles that you can customize to fit your playstyle and how you look on the battlefield. With Company Coin you can purchase cosmetics to change everything housed in The Company. From face paint to weapon skins and so on.

However, and more importantly, with Company Coin you can further change your Company outside what the base progression system offers. All players can earn as much Company Coins as they are willing to play for. The more you play, finish assignments and advance your Career, the more Company Coin you’ll have in the bank.

You can use Company Coin to make important gameplay changes that fit your playstyle and strategy via the Specializations feature for guns and vehicles. Weapon and Soldier cosmetics release on launch day, while vehicle cosmetics only becomes available when Tides of War releases in December. With Company Coin you can unlock skill tree upgrades and changes for weapons and vehicles, unlock new weapons, gear, and vehicles, and lastly, cosmetics.

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Here are just some of the soldier customizations you can do in The Company, courtesy of Redditor. u/vicedlord.

Battlefield V the company

Now comes Battlefield V’s Microtransactions system. You can only use Battlefield Currency to pay for extra cosmetics for your Company. But in Battlefield V there’s a small catch.

Battlefield Currency will not be available on launch day. EA didn’t state when it will become available, only that they first want players to progress through the options available in game to unlock cosmetic items.

Battlefield Currency will not be available at launch. We want players to get hands-on experience with their Company, the progression system, and earning Company Coin before introducing premium currency. Balanced rock-paper-scissors gameplay has always been the foundation of the Battlefield series, and our belief is that real-world money should not enable pay-to-win or pay-for-power.

I think it’s a good move on EA’s side, and most importantly, that players can only use Battlefield Currency to buy cosmetics. The main focus in Battlefield V is earning Company Coins, and the level of progression depends solely on the player.

Battlefield V rank Levels

Your time and success on the battlefield reflect through the Ranks system. There are five categories: Career, Class, Weapon, Vehicle, and Chapter. Increasing your rank unlocks cosmetics and weapon or vehicle parts for Specializations.

  • Career Rank increases with everything you do and is reflected by the traditional military command structure of Private, Sergeant, Captain, and so on. Progression unlocks vehicles.
  • Class Rank focuses on the Class you play, be it Medic, Recon, Assault, or Support. Progression unlocks Combat Roles as well as additional primary weapons, side arms, melee weapons, gadgets, and grenades within a class.
  • With the Weapon and Vehicle Rank, you earn XP that you can spend on Company Coin to unlock choices within their Specializations.
  • Chapter Rank unlocks Tides of War rewards, with the first chapter, “Overture” releasing two weeks after launch day.

Battlefield V releases on November 9 for those who own the Deluxe Edition or are an EA or Origin Access subscriber, for everyone else the battlefield opens on November 20. Check out our Battlefield V guide for the early access details, pre-order benefits, and different editions.






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