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Dino Crisis 2 Unreal Engine 4 Fan Remake Demo Available Now

A fan remake of Dino Crisis 2 built in Unreal Engine 4 has a free demo available to download right now. The aim of the remake was to recreate the game’s environments on a newer engine while also shifting the camera perspective to be more akin to the Resident Evil remakes.

Created by Stefano Cagnani, the Dino Crisis 2 remake project is quite ambitious and yields some impressive results. While it’s not exactly up to scratch of a AAA game’s quality, it delivers enough technical and gameplay improvements to satiate fan thirst for a new Dino Crisis game.

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By shifting the camera to a third-person perspective as opposed to the original game’s fixed camera angles, the Dino Crisis 2 fan remake allows players more freedom of movement and vision. It also makes exploration feel fresh regardless of how many times you played the original.

The ‘Jungle of Silence’ demo provided by Cagnani takes us through brief sections of the game so we can get a better understanding of what they’re going for in this ambitious remake.

Dino Crisis 2 isn’t the only game to receive the fan-made remake treatment. Recently, Bloodborne PSX released with the goal to “demake” the From Software classic so that it resembles a PS1 game. That’s available to download for free right now too.

The Dino Crisis series of survival horror games were originally developed by Capcom and released on PS1. Following the release of Dino Crisis 3, the series went dormant and hasn’t seen a new release since then. However, due to the popularity of the recent Resident Evil remakes, fans have petitioned for a Dino Crisis remake in the same quality.

For the time being, this impressive fan-made remake of Dino Crisis 2 will do. You can download the demo for free right here.

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