Capcom Dormant IPs Dino Crisis Revive

Dino Crisis Spotted on New PlayStation Plus in Asia

An ad for Dino Crisis was spotted on the Hong Kong PlayStation Store, leading many to believe that the Capcom PS1 dinosaur survival horror game might arrive on the new PlayStation Plus subscription service. As of writing, the title has yet to appear as a part of the service’s classic games list, but it could be arriving soon.

As spotted by Twitter user Windy Corner TV, an image advertising the new PlayStation Plus appeared on the PlayStation Store recently, clearly showing Dino Crisis protagonist Regina. None of the Dino Crisis games are actually available to download or purchase yet as part of the revamped subscription service, meaning it will likely arrive later in an update or potentially in other countries next month.

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Fans have been begging for a revival of the Dino Crisis IP for years. Capcom pushed several Resident Evil remakes over the past few years, built entirely on the excellent RE Engine. The demand for Dino Crisis to receive the same treatment has only increased since then.

Dino Crisis New PlayStation Plus Asia Capcom

Unfortunately, while this isn’t the “remaster” or remake we were expecting, it’s good to see that Capcom hasn’t stashed away the IP in the vaults forever.

It’s unclear if both Dino Crisis and its sequel will be included on the new PlayStation Plus, as both originally released on the PS1. Capcom developed the dinosaur horror series on the blueprints of Resident Evil, replacing zombies with genetically modified and terrifying dinosaurs instead. It has since developed a massive cult following, but it remains to be seen if Capcom will actually revive the IP for modern players.

In the meantime, we’ll have to wait for some confirmation that Dino Crisis is indeed coming to the service in the future.

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