Disc-Less Xbox One S Rumoured To Be Released Soon, With Fortnite Xbox Coming Too
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Reports are pouring in that Microsoft is planning on launching a disc-less Xbox One S version in May 2019. Dubbed the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, the new disc-less version of the console will be open for pre-orders starting in mid-April 2019. Microsoft is also apparently releasing a special edition Fortnite Xbox console.

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The yet-to-be-confirmed disc-less Xbox One S was codenamed Xbox Maverick and is reportedly now ready to be released after Microsoft has been experimenting with the new console. Pre-orders are said to start in mid-April before the console is released globally in May 2019. This is all ahead of E3 which takes place in June 2019.

Disc-Less Xbox One S

Via Windows Central

This new rumoured disc-less Xbox One S will be a first for Microsoft, as the company continues to push for digital. It already offers digital gaming options through its subscription gaming service, Xbox Game Pass and is apparently also working on its own gaming streaming service, too. So it makes sense that Microsoft is pushing for a disc-less Xbox One S, as its mission seems to be to go digital.

The reports about this new disc-less Xbox console also suggest that it will be the cheapest Xbox console yet. As the design is simplified by dropping the disc drive, the entire console might have a lower asking price than other Xbox One S consoles.

Other than releasing this possible all-digital Xbox S console, rumours are also swirling that Microsoft is releasing a Fortnite Edition Xbox console, too. The console will apparently have a custom Fortnite design and, at this point, it’s still unclear which version of the Xbox console will it be (S, X or new rumoured disc-less version of the console).

Whether any of these rumours materialise, remains to be seen. But it’s clear that digital is the direction in which many gaming companies are going.






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