Discord Nitro Offering One-Free Month As Part Of Its Black Friday Deal

Discord Nitro Offering a Free Month as Part of Black Friday Deal

South Africans are finally getting the chance to truly participate in the Black Friday sales Americans have been enjoying for years. From hardware to software, wearables to figures and more, it seems like everything is discounted right now.

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The latest of these Black Friday sales comes from an unexpected but appreciated place: Discord. From today until the 28th of November, Discord Nitro (Discord’s premium subscription service) is on a “buy-one-get-one” sale.

For those who aren’t already on the Discord Nitro bandwagon, it’s basically just a fancier and shiner version of regular Discord. Nitro gives subscribers the option of using custom emojis, streaming video in HD, customising their profile, enjoying up to 500MB uploads and gaining access to Activities.

Discord Nitro Offering One-Free Month As Part Of Its Black Friday Deal

Activities are the latest addition to the service. They are a collection of Discord-created games that run inside active voice channels. And as someone who has actively been exploring these “family” style games with friends, I can say they’re pretty damn great. While many of the other “premium” features will only appeal to the app’s most dedicated users, the Activities are sure to appeal to everyone.

With the Black Friday sale, a month of Discord Nitro will cost $9.99 or R170, with one additional month thrown in for free. A year’s subscription will work out to $99.9 or R1793, with an additional free month.

Readers tempted to take advantage of this deal or learn more about the added features can do so by clicking the link here.

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