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Disney+ Covering Up Nude Scenes and Sensoring Foul Language

It seems Disney does not want people seeing nudity or hearing foul language. The streaming platform is finding clever ways to cover up nude scenes and bad words in movies which already contain nudity and swear words ultimately ruining the classic experience. Some users have reported seeing strange edits in classic films as the company attempts to remove the content. The first being Splash which has a nude scene and is now available on Disney+.

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There is a scene in Touchstone Picture’s 1984 movie Splash where Tom Hanks watches a naked mermaid run into the ocean. The original movie showed the said mermaid’s naked butt which caused the film to receive a PG-13 rating. The Disney+ version, however, has been covered up by the mermaid’s hair so users no longer see her backend.

A user tweeted the change which you can see down below. Disney clearly used actress Daryl Hannah’s hair to cover up the original scene so the movie contains no nudity.

Later on in the film, there is another Splash nude scene which has also been blurred out. Disney even went as far as to crop an entire scene by zooming in past the naked butt in order to avoid it on camera.

Another user pointed out that Hulk’s butt in Thor: Ragnarok is was not censored. However, this could be due to it being a CGI trailer.

However, this edit is part of a larger concern on the Disney+ platform. The company has been found to edit out more than meets the eye with the word “fuck” being removed from films like Adventures in Babysitting and Free Solo. Disney has also edited out racial slurs that appeared in Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin. It seems that if the film has a PG-12 rating, the company makes edits in order to change it to PG.

Keep in mind that Disney does have an “adult” streaming platform in the form of Hulu so they could easily put PG-13 and above films on there without editing the content. These edits could be a sign of things to come as Disney attempts to “child-proof” Disney+. In the meantime, they are ruining the originality of these films.

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