The Internet Responds to the Disasterful “Disneyland in Polokwane” Event
Disneyland in Polokwane
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The internet has been abuzz with hilarious responses in regards to an event which was hosted in Polokwane over the weekend. The concert dubbed “Disneyland in Polokwane” looked promising for kids and families as the poster invited guests to experience a show, sweet hunts, musical chairs, liver performances and much more.

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Pricing ranged from R80 for an adult ticket, R50 for a child and R250 for a family package. Upon arrival, attendees soon realised they had been scammed and the event was nothing more than an open piece of land with a small stage and very little to do.

Even the Disney mascots which were meant to entertain children looked like something straight out of a Disney nightmare. Cheap costumes and poor performances were just the starters on the menu of this Disneyland disaster.

Disney Africa, which many thought was behind this “Disney” event were as shocked as the guests when they saw the feedback, saying they were investigating the matter.

According to guests, the event was fully sold out but the attractions were nothing more than hula hoops and jumping castles. Even the so-called sponsor that appeared on the poster, Flying Fish was not aware they even endorsed the show.

According to reports, the was only one food truck and limited drinks available.

One video from a Twitter user revealed the “concert” which was just Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and Tigger dancing around on a small stage to house music. The audience was not pleased and just stood there in horror.

Some attendees even marched to the organizer’s offices to demand some explanation to the event in which they locked the doors and refused to come out. Just look at the cringe;

Of course, the internet has reacted to this disaster with the most iconic tweets. This one below stating that the Hello Kitty performance was better than the overall Disneyland in Polokwane day.

Another use is questioning how Flying Fish could sponsor a Disney event meant for children. Something which should have been spotted right from the start.

Image: Twitter 






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