Disney Ruins Everyone’s Fun and Removes Baby Yoda Gifs Online

The Mandalorian Baby Yoda
Disney Ruins Everyone’s Fun and Removes Baby Yoda Gifs Online

By now you have probably seen the cute little green baby Yoda alien baby from the Disney+ show Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Since its first appearance a couple of weeks ago, people have been sharing all sorts of memes and gifs online both relatable to the Star Wars universe and real-world scenarios.

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Well, if you enjoy looking at a Baby Yoda gif or meme then you are going to have to live without them as Disney is removing all Baby Yoda content online due to copyright claims. Disney started off by removing the Baby Yoda GIF collection off Giphy which is a site that feeds its GIFs into popular chat apps like iMessage and even some of Twitter’s GIFs.

But Disney could be scaling back on the takedowns as according to Vulture critic Kathryn VanArendonk who originally reported that her GIF was pulled offline, Giphy and Disney now state she can use them.

Legally speaking, creating a sharing a GIF is not illegal and does not infringe on copyright material. In Fact, according to Forbes, GIFs can be considered “transformative” under copyright law because they do not undermine the market for the original work. In short, no one is going to watch a whole GIF movie instead of paying to watch the original content where the GIF comes from.

However, this does not mean Disney will not be pulling them offline as they can if they wanted to. It would be an internet travesty if that was the case as Baby Yoda is adorable and people are just enjoying nice things. But if you are online and see a GIF or meme unavailable for some reason, now you know why. If only we could watch this Star Wars: The Mandalorian show everyone is going on about in South Africa.

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